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Change the single-item template of a Collection

Getting Started

When you create a custom collection, a separate page template for every collection will be automatically created. This article will feature all the steps to create a single-item template of a collection; refer to the information in the sections below.

Single Item template of a collection

A single-item template is automatically added if you create a custom collection. For example, if you make a custom collection called “Recipes,” a template page will be automatically added and will be called “Recipes template.”

Create a custom collection first. To learn how to do it, refer to this article:

Add a new Collection

After doing so, go to your builder.
Click on the Pages option on your left-hand side
Scroll down and find your collection item template

Refer to the visualizations below to see the demonstration ⬇️

Change the single-item template of a collection

To change a single-item template of a collection, refer to the instructions and steps given below:

⬇️ Go to Pages, scroll, and find your custom collection item template

⬇️ Delete the row to make the existing post disappear

⬇️ Add a new section, add a CMS row with column, click on Connect to Database and select the data source as Custom Collection, then choose your collection. After that, add the Rich Text Element.

⬇️ On the Rich Text Element, make changes to your blog post according to your preference.

Rich Text Element is used to edit or customize a blog post or a custom collection item.

You can also change other things on this template, and these changes will reflect on all your custom collection item pages.

Updated on: 05/02/2023

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