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Inviting a Team Member

How to invite a Team Member

Getting Started

You can add collaborators to manage your site using the Team Members feature in Dorik CMS. You can assign them the role of an Administrator, Editor, Author, or Developer to a person when you invite them to be a team member.

Team Member section

The team member section can be found on your CMS dashboard, on the left-hand panel under the section Styles and Settings panel.

Team Member Section

How to add Team Members

To add a team member, simply click on the Invite Member button that you will see on the top-right of your screen, and the following pop-up will appear below 👇 .

⬇️ Follow the list of steps given below:

How to Add Team Members

Add the Email address of the person you want to invite.
Type the name of the person, although it is not compulsory.
Assign a member role to them.
Click on the Send Invitation button to proceed.

Remove/Edit team members

You can find the list of your existing collaborators on your Team Members dashboard. To change the role of a member or remove them from that role completely, you can use the Edit or Delete options, respectively.

Remove/Edit Team Members

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Updated on: 21/11/2022

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