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Guide to the Membership Feature for your clients

Getting Started

The membership feature allows you to set up gated/membership content on your website, which will only be accessible/visible to the users who have subscribed/signed up for your subscription plans.

There are mainly three access types Public, Members only, and Paid Members. Each has its own accessibility on a blog; for example, if post access is set to Public, it means anyone from anywhere on the internet can view it.

Paid Members can view Gated Content(exclusive to them). Visitors can also sign-up by themselves or subscribe to become a member of your website, and you can let them exclusively view your posts if your post access is set to Members Only.

This can be set by tuning the blog post access located in page settings or on blog post editors;

The Subscription Button on a live site

How will this help my clients?

- Your client with the administrator role can enable and set certain user privileges on their blog.
- Your client can earn money by setting up a subscription.

How can my client set up the Membership feature?

- When your client logs in to their CMS Dashboard, they can change access to any of their site content (Blog Posts, Custom Collections, or any web pages)
- To set up subscription, they should follow the steps below:
- Go to CMS Dashboard
- Click on the Membership Settings options under Membership
- Under the Configuration tab, choose the “Enable Signup and Login” option under Membership Access
- They can Enable Test Mode to check the Stripe configuration and the entire payment process

Membership Settings:

How can they Configure Membership?

To activate the Membership Portal on your client’s published site, they must configure it first.

Refer to the Article below to learn more:

Membership Configuration

How can they stylize the Membership Form?

They can customize their Membership Portal form and Subscription Button design.

Refer to the link below to learn more:

Membership Design

The membership link settings are used to change and share the membership portfolio link.

Refer to the link below to learn more:

Membership link and data-attribute use

Webhook URL to the Membership form

As an Agency owner, you have access to more options than your client. You can add a webhook URL to your client’s Dashboard, receive payloads from your end, and see the membership events happening on your client’s website.

Your client’s dashboard under the “Administrator” role

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Updated on: 21/06/2023

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