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Showcase Collection items on my website

Getting Started

Showcasing Custom Collection items can be easily done with a few simple steps. You can add important elements and populate them with custom collection items. Follow the guide in this article to get started.

Adding CMS Row with Column

You must have a CMS Row and Column section to showcase Custom Collection items. Follow the steps given below to add a CMS Row with a Column.

On your builder, click on Add New Section
Go to Custom Section
Scroll and find CMS Row with Column
Click on any of the types to proceed

⬇️ The demonstration is shown in the GIF below

⬇️ Once the CMS Row with Column has been added, click on Connect to Database

⬇️ On the toolbar, go to Configurations and select:

The Data Source as Custom Collection
The Collection you want to feature.

Refer to the GIF below for the demonstration

⬇️ Add a new element; in this example, it is a Heading. To add CMS Fields:

Click on Edit Element
Click on Add CMS Field
Pick an option

⚠️ Remember to delete the previous text after you add a CMS Field

⬇️ Refer to the GIF and picture below

The text {{ name }} refers to the CMS Field, which is the Name/Title of the Custom Collection item.

Populating Image Element with Custom Collection Items

Like the Heading element, Image elements can also be populated with Custom Collection Items.

Refer to the GIFs below ⬇️

Populating Button Element with Custom Collection Items

Refer to the GIF below to view the procedure

⬇️ Press Publish to view your Custom Collection Items on your site

Updated on: 05/02/2023

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