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Membership Configuration

Getting Started

This article is about how you can configure your site’s membership form, set access, and set up paid membership on your site. There are two panels that you will come across when configuring membership settings. These are Membership Access and Membership Tiers, which are two separate features.

We will also look at the payment types on Membership sites: Monthly or One-Time.

Setting Membership Access lets you dictate whether a visitor can sign up as a member or mus**t be invited manually** by the site owner to become a member. Let's take a look ⬇️

Membership Access

To access the membership feature follow the steps below:

- Click on the Membership icon from the left pane of the site dashboard.

- Scroll down to the Membership Settings option from the Membership modal and go to the Configuration tab.

- From the Membership Access choose the preferable settings you want.

1️⃣ Enable Signup and Login: Your visitor can sign up as a member and log in afterward.

2️⃣ Enable Login Only: This lets your visitor only log in if they have been manually added as a member.

3️⃣ Disable Signup and Login: Disable all forms of signup and login.

Membership Tiers

Refer to the picture and the list of descriptions of the following options:

1️⃣ Free: You can see what privileges a free member on your site will have.

2️⃣ Paid Membership: Here, you can set the settings for your paid members.

3️⃣ Enable Test Mode: You can test whether the functionalities work by enabling this.

Paid Membership

Refer to the picture and the list of descriptions of the following options:

1️⃣ Privacy Policy URL: You can paste your Privacy Policy URL into this input field. E.g Cookie banner etc.

2️⃣ Terms and Service URL: You can paste your Terms and Service URL into this input field.

3️⃣ Stripe: Click here to connect with Stripe.

Set or Update Pricing

You can update your membership sites' pricing after integrating Stripe with your CMS. To update pricing, follow the steps listed below:

- Login to your dashboard
- Go to Membership Settings from the Membership modal.
- Under the Configuration tab, toggle the Paid Membership option
- Choose “Recurring” to receive monthly payments
- Choose “One Time” to receive a one-time payment
- Choose any currency
- For “Recurring,” set the monthly and yearly price
- For “One Time,” set a one-time price
- Press the Update Price button

Let us look at these settings visually:

Setting Recurring Payment

Setting One-Time Payment

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Updated on: 11/06/2024

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