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Integrate Stripe (Membership)

Getting Started

This article will cover how a user can integrate Stripe to obtain payments from subscribers on their website. Follow all the instructions accordingly to start integrating Stripe.

Integrating Stripe

Dorik Inc. partners with Stripe for secure payments. You can use this feature to obtain secure payments from users who have purchased a subscription to your site. Follow the steps given below to integrate Stripe:

After filling out all the important steps for configuring membership on your website, simply click on Connect with Stripe.

It will redirect you to this window below ⬇️

Start filling out all your important details

💡 After completing all the important steps, you will be integrated with Stripe.

Set or Update Pricing

You can update your membership sites' pricing after integrating Stripe with your CMS. To update pricing, follow the steps listed below:

Login to your dashboard
Go to Membership Settings
Under the Configuration tab, toggle the Paid Membership option
Choose “Recurring” to receive monthly payments
Choose “One Time” to receive a one-time payment
Choose any currency
For “Recurring,” set the monthly and yearly price
For “One Time,” set a one-time price
Press the Update Price button

Let us look at these settings visually:

Setting Recurring Payment

Setting One-Time Payment

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Updated on: 16/03/2023

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