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How to add filters in Custom Collections

Getting Started

Filters can help you select Custom Collection items you want to showcase on your website. If you have a custom collection already and would like to be more specific about the items you want to showcase, that is where filters come in handy. This article will cover how filters work and how you can use filters on custom collection items on a CMS Row.

How to create Custom Collection

You will need to have a custom collection on your website. To learn how to create custom collections, refer to the documentation below:

Add a new Collection

How to add Fields to Custom Collections

Before using filters, you should have fields with values on your custom collections.

Refer to the documentation below to learn how to create fields in custom collections:

Add and customize fields in a Collection

How to add Filters to Custom Collection Items

Follow the steps below to see how filters work for Custom Collection Items.

Add a CMS Row to any section
Connect the Database to Custom Collection as the Data Source
Select any collection

Add any element and populate it with CMS fields.

After populating the elements with CMS Field Data, click on ‘**Edit CMS Row**’ and start using filters.

Filter Types

You can use fifteen filters for Custom Collection fields, which can be applied to ten different data types.


- Equal
- Does Not Equal
- Is Between
- Is Less than
- Is Less than or Equal
- Is Greater than
- Is Greater than or Equal to
- Contains
- Does Not Contain
- Is Set
- Is Not Set
- Is Before
- Is Before or Equal To
- Is After
- Is After or Equal To

Data Types in Custom Collection Fields:

- Text
- Rich Text
- Image
- Single Select
- Date
- Link
- Number
- Email
- Select(single)
- Single Reference

Filters for every Data Type:

Here are the filters that you can use for each Data Type:

Plain Text:

Rich Text:


Single Select:






Single Reference

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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