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How to add comments on Blog Posts using Disqus

Adding Disqus comments to a blog post

Getting Started

This article will show you all the steps required to embed Disqus on your website. You can embed Disqus on your blog posts or anywhere in your builder using custom code. Follow all the instructions accordingly to embed Disqus on your website.

Embedding Disqus to my website

Follow the steps below to start embedding Disqus to your website

Login to Disqus
Choose “I want to embed Disqus to my site.”
Create a new site
You will be redirected to the admin panel
Click on Install Disqus
Select platform as “I don’t see my platform.”
Copy the Universal code
Embed it your builder or blog post using the Custom code element.

Refer to the Images and GIFs below to start embedding Disqus:

After Logging into Disqus, choose “I want to embed Disqus to my site” and create a new site. Fill in all required fields.

Disqus Login

You will be redirected to the following URL ⬇️

Disqus Site URL

Click on Install Disqus

Installing Disqus to site

Select “I don’t see my platform” below to proceed to the page where you will find a Universal code.

Scroll down and copy the Universal code as shown below in the GIF.

Universal Code

You can embed Disqus on either a blog post or on any section in your website builder. Let us take a look at the Blog post process first.

Embedding Disqus on a Blog Post:

Embedding Disqus on your website builder:

Updated on: 05/02/2023

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