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Gated Page for Members

Gated Page for Members

Getting Started

Gated Page allows you to set access exclusively to Members/Paid Members on a specific webpage on your site. This article will cover the process of creating a Gated page for Members on your website.

Setting up Page Access

To make a web-page exclusive for Members on your site, follow the steps given below:

Login to your Dashboard
Go to Design and Pages
Go to the page that you want to set the access limit to
Click on Page Settings on that page
Go to the Advanced tab
Expand the Page Access option
Set the Page Access to your preferred setting

Visualized Steps:

Go to your site’s Dashboard

Click on Design and Pages

Click on Page Settings

Click on the Advanced tab

Click on the Page Access dropdown

Change the access to Members Only or Paid Members Only according to your preference to limit access to normal visitors on your site.

Step-by-Step Video:

Kindly go this link-

Updated on: 21/03/2023

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