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Filter by Current Item of a Template Page

Getting Started

You can filter out and display items relevant to the current item of a custom collection on a custom collection template page. This article covers the steps and provides a scenario to understand the feature better.

Scenario and Steps

To understand this feature better, we are going to demonstrate a scenario. Let us assume you have two custom collections (Clients and Projects) and you want to display the Projects of a particular Client on its template page.

Step 1: Add new collections (Clients and Projects)

To learn how to add a new collection, refer to the documentation below:

Add a new Collection

Step 2: Add Single Reference Field

To learn how to add Single Reference field, refer to the documentation below:

Single Reference in Custom Collection Fields

The screenshots below demonstrate the steps for the scenario:

Step 3: Referring the clients to their designated projects

Step 4: Showcasing the designated projects of a client on your website

Updated on: 01/02/2023

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