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Connect to CMS Database

Getting Started

After adding a CMS Row with column, you will be required to connect to the CMS database to activate that section. This article will show

Connect to Database

To connect your section with a CMS Database and use the CMS features, click on Connect to Database.

⬇️ After clicking, you will see the CMS Row editor, where you will find several options to configure your CMS row.

Refer to the list below and the numbers on the picture ☝️ 👇

Configurations: This lets you select the Data Source and select a Collection(only if your data source is from a custom collection list).
Data Source: Lets you select whether you want the data to be a blog post or a custom collection list.
Posts: If you want to show posts, then click here.
Custom Collection: If you want to display a custom collection, then click here.

💡 When you select Custom Collection as the data source, you can proceed to select the collections you have added. As shown in the picture below ⬇️

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Updated on: 05/02/2023

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