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Linking an element with a blog post

Getting Started

You can link elements with your blog post in the website builder; for example, elements like Images, titles, and buttons can be connected with blog posts.

Linking Image with Blog Post

After selecting an image element, click on Edit Element on the image, and this will pop up the Sidebar Editor. ⬇️

💡 Here, you will also find the options to link your image with a particular blog post.

⬇️ To add a link to an image, click on Link

⬇️ Then select the CMS item slug option from the dropdown.

⬇️ After you do that, click on Add CMS Field and select Slug from the list.

💡 The process is the same for Title and Button. You will find the options Title Link for Titles and Button Link for Buttons on their respective editors.

Updated on: 22/02/2023

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