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Dashboard Overview - CMS

Getting Started

When creating a new CMS site, you will be redirected to your CMS Dashboard, after choosing a template. Your CMS Dashboard is the one place from where you can run all the operations of your CMS Site.

First Look

The Dashboard will contain numerous features based on your role. The site owner can use all the features while permissions for roles like Administrator, Developer, Author, or Editor are limited. These features have multiple functionalities that come in handy for individual purposes.

The sections you can view are:

- Dashboard.
- Content
- Styles and Settings
- Membership
- Collections

CMS Dashboard

Tour of sections

Every section can have its own functionality. Let us take a closer look:


The content section is where you can create blog posts and categories. From setting the slug for each item and enabling sitemap and RSS feed for SEO purposes to making blog posts that stand out while categorizing them to keep things organized.

Styles and Settings

This section is from where you can access the page builder, add collaborators, integrate a domain, and change important settings for your site. We will explore these functions one by one in more detail in their own sections in this documentation.


This is from where you can enable membership on your website and invite members individually on your own. From options like setting up a subscription button to customizing the subscription form, this feature comes in handy for site owners who want to have visitors with certain privileges and convert them to members or paid members.


Custom Collection lists are a great way to add and design content for your website while maintaining order and keeping it organized. Once you add a custom collection list, you can add fields to your list, update the slugs, remove custom collection posts from RSS Feed/Sitemap, and more.

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Updated on: 31/10/2023

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