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Save, Preview, and Publish

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Saving, Previewing, and Publishing are three features with separate functionalities. Saving lets you save your work in progress without publishing it to the site. Preview takes you to your website and lets you view it externally.

Save, Preview, and Publish

When you are on the builder, always remember to save your work. To save and publish your website, you should press the Save and Publish buttons, respectively.

Saving and Publishing are different features. Once you save your work, it will resume from where you left off; when you publish your work, it will be updated on the website for visitors.

Saving your website

To save your website, click the Save button in the top navigation bar of your site dashboard. This will save your progress.

Publish your website

This is what the Publish button looks like. Click it to open a modal, then press the Publish button within the modal to make your changes visible to site visitors

Preview your website

This is what the Preview(▶️) button looks like; press it to know how your website will look externally. You will find it on the top nav of your site dashboard.

Visit your website

Click the Publish button in the top navigation bar of the site dashboard. When the modal appears, click the icon next to the Subdomain URL to visit your live website.

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