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Post Preview from Design Template

Getting Started

Post preview helps you preview and make changes to your blog post or custom collection posts directly from your website builder. This article will cover how you can do that, follow all instructions to see how Post preview works in template designs.

Previewing Posts or Collection Items from Template Design

To get started, you must create a Regular or Custom Collection post. To learn how to create a regular or Custom Collection post, refer to the articles below:

Create a blog post

What is Custom Collection?

Add a new Collection

Adding a new item to a Collection

Once you have created a Blog Post or Custom Collection and added items to it; follow the steps given below to proceed:

Go to Design and Pages from your CMS Dashboard
Open ‘Pages’
Select Post or Custom Collection template
On your top left, beside the Page Settings option, you will find a dropdown menu of all your posts and collection items.
For Post Templates: You can make changes or preview your posts directly from the template.
For Custom Collection Templates: To preview and make changes to your custom collection post template, follow the instruction below:
Add the Rich Text Element to your custom collection template to preview the contents of your collection item and make changes to it.
This change will be added to every other collection item.

Refer to the Images and GIFs below to see the demonstration:

Create a Regular post or add a Custom Collection Item/Items to your site ⬇️

Go to ‘Design & Pages’

Click on Pages

Post Preview:

Select Post Template

Post Preview

Custom Collection Preview:

Select any Custom Collection Item template

Adding Rich Text Element to Preview:

Add Rich Text Element to preview your Custom Collection Items in your builder so you can start customizing it directly from your site builder.

💡 Blog Posts can automatically be previewed and edited from the builder without adding the Rich Text Element as by default, Rich text element is added to the Post Template.

💡 Once Rich Text Element is added to the Custom Collection item template page, it will be automatically added to other item template pages under the same Custom Collection.

Adding Rich Text Element to your Custom Collection Template:

Refer to the GIF below to see how this works:

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Updated on: 26/07/2023

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