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Save as Collection

Getting Started

Saving as a collection allows a user to copy any section, container, row, column, or element and use it on the same website or multiple others under the same account. This article will describe how saving a collection works in more detail.

How to Save as a Collection

To save a Section, Row, Column, or Element as a Collection, follow the steps given below:

- Hover over the edit tab on any element, container, row, column, or section on your website
- Right-click on it
- Select 💾 Save as Collection
- Give it a name
- Press Save

Refer to the GIF below to see how this works:

Reusing a Saved Collection ♻️

To reuse a saved collection on your website, follow the steps below:

- Select Add New Section if you saved a section as a collection, Add New Container if you saved a container as a collection, or Add New Element Below if you saved an element as a collection.
- Next, navigate to the Saved Section, Saved Container, or Saved Element option based on your saved components.
- From the list, choose your saved collection.

Refer to the GIFs for visual representation:

Save Section as a collection

Saved Container as collection

Saved element as a collection

💡 You can use a saved collection on different sites that are created under the same account.

💡 Saved Collections do not sync as Saved Symbols do

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Updated on: 29/05/2024

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