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Load More and Next Prev buttons

Getting Started

Load More and Next Previous buttons are used to navigate or load more items in a section in your website where you showcase CMS items after populating them into any element. This article will cover the topic in detail.

‘Load More’ and ‘Next Previous’ Buttons

Add Load More button

1️⃣ Load More: To add this button, select the Load More option from Button Type.

2️⃣ Load More Style: This lets you customize your Load More button.

3️⃣ Button Position: Change the position or alignment of the button to the center, start, or end.

Add Next Previous button

1️⃣ Next Previous: To add this button, select the option from Button Type.

2️⃣ Next Previous Style: Customise the button.

3️⃣ Button Position: Set the alignment of the buttons.

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Updated on: 01/03/2023

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