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How to embed Facebook chat

Getting started

This article will cover the steps required to embed Facebook chat for your website.

Set up Facebook Messenger chat

To add Facebook Messenger to a website, follow these steps:

Create a Facebook Messenger Chat Plugin Script
Add the Messenger chat code to your website

Generating a Messenger Chat Code in Meta Business Suite

Here is how you can add Facebook Messenger to your website using Meta Business Suite.

Go to your Meta Business Suite

Open your Inbox and Click on the Settings icon

Select Chat Plugin & Click on Set Up

Select the setup method you would like to use to generate the Messenger chat code.

Click the Set Up button.
Select your Facebook Chat Plugin setup method
Select Standard
Select your preferred language. Save & continue.
Add the domain of your website. Click Save & Continue
Click copy the code. Click Next.

Click Publish

Add the Messenger chat code to your website

Paste the code snippet to your website’s Footer Code

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Updated on: 19/06/2023

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