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How to Create and Link Multiple Pages

Getting Started

This article will guide you through the process of creating webpages & linking them on the right links.

Create a new Webpage

To add a new page to your website, follow the article given below:

- Once you are in your site dashboard, click on 📑 Pages from the left panel.
- After clicking Pages, a sidebar will appear.
- To add a new page, press + icon labelled as Create New Page & a new page will create.
- To save your page as a draft, uncheck the Published option.

💡 However, the above-mentioned Published option is only for the Dorik CMS site. This way, you can add multiple pages to your site

The Images below show the whole process being demonstrated visually ⬇️

Once you are in your site dashboard, click on Pages( 📑**)** labeled icon from the left panel & the following sidebar will appear:

To add a new page, press `+` icon labeled as Create New Page & a new page will create.

Update Slug & Name

Open the Pages (📑) sidebar from the left panel of your site dashboard.
Click the three-dot icon next to the specific page whose name and slug you want to update.
In the modal that opens, click Update Slug & Name.
An editor popup will appear where you can enter the new page name or slug.
Click save.
Publish your site to see the updated slug.

Refer to the GIF below: ⬇️

Link a Page with Another

To link one page to another, follow the steps with visuals below:

- First, create the webpages on your site following the steps above.

- Go to the navbar of the specific page you want to connect with other pages.

- Create navigation links according to the pages you want to connect.

- In the navigation editor modal, scroll down to the Links option and click on the specific link you want to connect to a page (e.g., the About link).

- Click on the Link Type field and choose the specific Page.

- From the Select Page field, choose the page you want to link. In this example, we're linking to the About page.

- Publish the site and see the linking on live.

💡 Connect other links with pages following this above process.

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Updated on: 24/06/2024

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