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How to add an Element to a site?

Getting Started

This article will guide you through how you can add new elements to your sites.

Add Elements from Side Nav

- Click the + icon from the left panel of your site dashboard.

- Choose the element type from this panel.

- Expand any element option (General Elements, Layout, CMS Element, Airtable Elements) to choose the specific element, then drag and drop to your site’s specific portion.

In this GIF, we first show all the element options, then expand the General Elements option and drag the Social Icon element to the site. ⬇️

Add element inside a container

In a empty container click on the + icon labelled as Add Element or Container and choose your preferable element.

*Refer to the GIF below:*

✅ To add an element near or below another element, hover over the current element to pop up the editorial modal. From that modal, click on the + icon, then from the Elements tab choose your preferred element.

Custom Code Element

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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