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Site Settings

Getting Started

This article guides you on changing the default site settings, including language, favicon, analytics, payment and chatbot platform integration, SEO, adding custom code, and more.

Site Settings

Site Settings is where you can change the following settings:


The Images below show the whole process being demonstrated visually ⬇️

1. General

- Site Language: Set the site Language and direction here.
- Favicon & Social Media Image: Site favicon & social media image can be set here. These images can also be generated using AI.

2. Integrations

- Analytics: You can integrate Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Hotjar Site from here.
- Chat & Marketing: You can integrate different chatbot and Facebook pixel settings here.
- Payment Configuration: Payment system configuration can be done here.

3. Advanced

- Site Settings & SEO: You can access your Sitemap & Robots Text here.
- Header Code: You can add custom code to your site heading here.
- Footer Code: And footer custom code can be added here.

Add Custom Code

Sitemap & Google Search Console

Updated on: 30/05/2024

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