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Nested Page (Sub Page)

Getting Started

Nested pages, like subpages, help you organize your website pages neatly. It makes easier for people to add pages under another webpage. Learn how to use them in our this article for a website.

How to Find the Nested Page Option?

Go to Pages (📄) on the left panel of your site dashboard.

Hover over the webpages and click the three dots next to the page name where you want to add a subpage.

A popup modal will show up with the option to create a Nested Page.

How to Add a Nested Page

Let’s say I want to add a subpage called "Fiction Book" under my existing page "Books" on my website. To do this, I will select the Add Nested Page option for the "Books" page, as shown above.

Refer to the GIF below for visual presentation:

💡 Publish site to see the live page.

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Updated on: 29/05/2024

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