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Nested CMS Row with Column

Getting Started

You can add nested CMS Row inside any CMS Row with Columns on your website. This article covers how this can be done with steps and examples.

Adding a Nested CMS Row and Populating it

To add a nested CMS Row, refer to the steps listed below:

- In your website builder, add a new CMS Row with Columns
- Connect to a Database (Post or Custom Collection)
- Add a new element and populate it with Data from Posts or Custom Collections.
- Click on the + icon on the element, and add a new element below
- In the Default Elements tab, scroll down to find the option to add a Nested Row with Columns
- Click on the + icon on the newly added Nested Row with Columns
- Add elements and populate it with CMS Data

Refer to the video below to see an example:

Updated on: 29/01/2023

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