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Mailchimp Integration (Subscription Form)

Getting Started

This article will guide you to integrate Mailchimp into a subscription form on your website. It will help you to collect your customer's data in the Mailchimp cloud storage. Follow all the instructions accordingly to integrate Mailchimp into your subscription form.

Add a Subscription Form

Follow the below steps to add a Subscription form:

- Click + Add New Section and select a Container.
- Click on the + button labeled with Add Element or Container.
- Then, select Subscription Form from the Elements tab.

Refer to the GIF below:

For more details, refer to the below documentation:

📌 Subscription Form

Integrating Mailchimp

To integrate Mailchimp into your subscription form, follow the steps given below:

- After adding the Subscription Form, click on Edit Element
- Click on the Form Configuration option
- Choose Mailchimp from the Services option of API Configuration Type
- Go to, log in to your account, and set up your Company
- Then go to and create an API key
- Copy the API key and Server.
- Go to your website builder and click on Add New API Key on the Subscription Form element editor
- Paste your API key and Server.
- Choose your company name from the Subscription List option
- Done! Mailchimp has been integrated with your subscription form.

Refer to the Screenshot and GIF below for a detailed explanation:

Step 1: Open(expand) the Form Configuration option from the Subscription Form Editor.

Step 2: From the Configuration Type, stick to the API tab and choose MailChimp from the Services option.

Step 3: From your Mailchimp dashboard, click on your user profile from the top right corner, then choose Account & Billing.

Step 4: Click on the Extras tab, choose API keys option

Step 5: Click the Create A Key button from the API key page.

Step 6: From here, copy and save your API key and the Server key.

✅  The server is the part of your MailChimp account URL before the first dot.

Step 7: Go to your website builder, open the Subscription Form element editor and click the `+` button next to the API Key field. Enter a name, paste your API key and Server into the input field, and click the Save button. Then, select the saved API key from the field.

Step 8: Choose your Mailchimp company list from the Subscription List option.

Testing Mailchimp Integration

Step 1: To test this, publish your site, visit it externally, and input any email address on the Subscription Form.

Step 2: From the Mailchimp dashboard, expand the Audience menu and click All contacts to see the subscription lists.

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Updated on: 03/07/2024

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