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Zapier Integration (Subscription Form)

Zapier Integration With Dorik Subscription Form or Contact Form

Follow the steps to integrate Zapier with Dorik Subscription Form

Step 1 : Click on the Add New Element and select Subscription Form

Step 2 : Click on the Edit Element and select Zapier from the Form Configuration

Step 3 : Go to your Zapier Account and then click on the Create Zap

Step 4 : Search for Webhook and make sure you are selecting Webhooks by Zapier

Step 5 : Select Catch Hook from the Dropdown and click on the Continue button

Step 6 : Now, copy the Webhook URL

Then, paste it into the Webhook URL of your Form Configuration

And, to test the connection if it is connected to Zapier or not click on the "click here" and it will send some test data to Zapier

After that, go back to your Zapier account and click on the Continue button

Step 7 : Click on the Test trigger button

And, you will see some test data that comes from your Subscription Form element. After that, click on the Continue button

Step 8 : Select Airtable from Zapier

Step 9 : After selecting Airtable then select Create Record and click on the Continue button

Step 10 : Select your Airtable Account

Note : If you don't have an Airtable account connected with Zapier, click on the Connect a New Account and then paste your Airtable API to connect.

Step 11 : Next, select your Airtable base

And, select your Airtable Table

After that, select Email for the Email Column and click on the Continue Button

Step 12 : Click on the Test & Continue

It will sent test record to your Airtable

Step 13 : Turn On the Zap

Step 14 : Then come back to your Dorik Builder if you want to write any custom success message you can write here

By Following these steps you can integrate Zapier with the Subscription Form

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Updated on: 05/03/2023

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