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How to Configure Google Domains

Google Domains Integration

Getting Started

This article will cover integrating a Google Domains domain into your website. Follow all the instructions to integrate a Google Domains domain into your site.

Custom Domain Integration

Follow the steps below to add a Custom Domain to your site.

- Go to your website dashboard
- Click on Custom Domain under the Styles and Settings Panel on your left
- Step 1: Add your domain name
- Step 2: Copy the values from the Type records: A and CNAME, and paste them into your DNS records.

Add Custom Domain

Google Domains Integration

To integrate a custom domain from Google Domains to your website, follow the steps given below:

Login to your Google Domains Account and go to the link below

Input your domain name in the input field as shown below

From the My Domains option, click on Manage on the list where your domain is displayed.

Go to the DNS option

Click on the Default name servers panel

If you see this message, click on the Switch to these settings option.

You will see the message below ⬇️

Copy the VALUE from the A record as shown in the picture below

Follow the steps for creating an A record:
- Type ‘ @ ‘ under Hostname,
- Choose the Type as ‘A‘
- choose any TTL value
- paste the A record value that you copied in the previous step under Data

Now you will need to add a CNAME record.

Click on Create new record just under the A record you created

Follow the steps for creating a CNAME record:
- Type ‘ www ‘ under Hostname,
- Choose the Type as ‘CNAME’
- choose any TTL value
- type your domain name, excluding www from the prefix. E.g.,

After creating both A and CNAME records, press Save.

Go back to your dashboard and click on Connect Domain.

⚠️ It usually takes 1 to 48 hours to update your domain globally

Updated on: 01/06/2023

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