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Namesilo Custom Domain Configuration

Getting Started

This article will cover integrating a Namesilo domain into your website. Follow all the instructions accordingly to integrate a Namesilo domain into your site.

Custom Domain

Follow the steps below to add a Custom Domain to your site.

- Go to your website dashboard
- Click on Custom Domain under the Styles and Settings Panel on your left
- Step 1: Add your domain name
- Step 2: Copy the values from the Type records: A and CNAME, and paste them into your DNS records.

For more information, refer to the Documentation below ⬇️

Add Custom Domain

Namesilo Domain Integration

To integrate a custom domain from Namesilo to your website, follow the steps given below:

Log in to your Namesilo account and open and select the domain you wish to integrate.

Input your domain name in the input field as shown below

Go to DNS Records and click on Update

Delete all the existing A and CNAME records

Copy the VALUE from the A record as shown in the picture below

Click on A, as shown in the picture below, to create a new A record.

Type ‘ @ ‘ under Hostname and paste your IP Address under the IPV4 Address

Now comes the last step, which is adding the CNAME record.

Click on CNAME, as shown in the picture below, to create a new CNAME record.

Type ‘ www ‘ under Hostname and type your domain name minus the ‘www’ in the prefix, E.g, “” under the Target Hostname.

Go back to your builder and click on Connect Domain

⚠️ It usually takes 1 to 48 hours to update your domain globally

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Updated on: 26/07/2023

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