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Fonts | Global Styles

Getting Started

You can use various kinds of fonts on your website. There are mainly three types of fonts that you can use: Google Fonts, Custom Fonts, and Typekit Fonts. You will find the option to set or upload your fonts by going to Global Styles> Fonts

Finding the Fonts Option

To find the feature, follow the steps in the GIF below:

Google Fonts

You can add Google Fonts to your site by expanding the Google Font option and clicking on

**+ Add New.** Follow the steps shown in the GIF below to see how it is done:

Custom Fonts

If you have custom fonts saved on your device, you will be able to add them to your site using the Custom Fonts option. You can upload custom fonts in the following formats:


Refer to the GIF below to see how the Custom Fonts option:

Typekit Fonts

You will be able to add fonts from Typekit using this option. Refer to the GIF below to learn more:

Video Tutorial

Please check the video for detailed instructions.

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Updated on: 05/03/2023

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