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Convertkit Integration with Webhook (Subscription Form)

Getting Started

This article will guide you to integrate Convertkit with a subscription form using Webhook.

Add a Contact Form

Follow the steps below to add a Subscription Form:

- Click Add New Section and select Subscription Form.
- Click on Add New Element
- Then select Subscription Form from the element list under General Elements.

Refer to the GIF below:

Connect Convertkit using Make with the Subscription Form

Sign up for your Make account

Then Create a new scenario

Add a new Module, then do the following:

- Select Webhooks
- Create webhook - triggers when webhook receives data
- Add a new webhook
- Maximum number of results
- Copy the webhook URL
- Run the the module

Go to your builder then do the following:

- Click edit element
- Select Integromat as service
- Enter webhook URL
- Click to send test data

Go to your Convertkit account dashboard, copy the API Secret Key, and create a new form

Now add new module in your Make scenario and do the following:

- Add new module, and select Convertkit
- Add new connection(for this step you will need the API Secret key)
- Select Form ID
- Select E-mail field
- Run once

Go to your builder, click on the publish button, and check if all is okay

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Updated on: 06/09/2023

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