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Apply pre-filter on Airtable elements

Adding Prefilter

To filter out data you do not want to display on your Airtable Element, follow the steps below:

- After configuring the Airtable element, expand the Prefilter option just below the Airtable Configuration option
- Click on + Add New Filter
- Select a field
- Choose a filtering option (Equal, Does Not Equal, Contains, Does Not Contain, etc.)

Refer to the list below to understand how these filters work:


- Equal
- Does Not Equal
- Contains
- Does Not Contain
- Is Empty
- Is Not Empty

Supported Airtable Field Types

- singleSelect
- multipleSelects
- singleLineText
- longText
- phoneNumber(will be treated as TEXT)
- url(will be treated as TEXT)
- email(will be treated as TEXT)
- date(not dateTime)
- formula(will be treated as NUMBER /TEXT)
- rollup(will be treated as NUMBER/TEXT)
- multipleLookUp(will be treated as NUMBER/TEXT/multipleSelects)
- currency(will be treated as NUMBER)
- percent(will be treated as NUMBER)
- rating(will be treated as NUMBER)
- number
- autoNumber(will be treated as NUMBER

Refer to the GIF below to see an example of how prefilter works:

Updated on: 29/01/2023

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