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Site Draft & Publish

Site Draft & Publish

Learn about draft and published site.

What is Draft & Published Site?

Draft Site:

Draft site is website that is not published yet. When you click on "Save" button on navigation. it saves the changes as draft.

Published Site:

When you publish website it goes live with an URL (Subdomain or Custom Domain). Published website can be accessed by the url by anyone.

Saving Changes in Published Site:

When you will edit / make changes in a published website. If you click the "Save" then the changes will be saved as draft and won't be updated in live site. To update in live website you have to click "Publish"

Publishing Website for First Time

Click "Publish" button on top navigation. The publish modal will appear. Give site title and description. And set url.


You can use subdomain to publish your website. currently we provide . If you use subdomain your website URL will look like this

Custom Domain

Custom Domain Configuration Guides

Updated on: 21/07/2021

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