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Sections is the main base block of building anything. Sections contains all other elements inside it. Section need to be added first to make any design. If you are not familiar with how to add a new section. Check How to Add New Section with Row and Columns

Edit Section

Open the editing modal of the section by clicking Edit Section icon
Edit Section


In general tab, Configure section background, width & height and section frames.

Section Setting

Section Background

Background Color

Change background color with built-in color picker. Check the video above .

Background Gradient

Add beautiful background gradients. Customize the gradient extensively. Add Linear and Radial gradient. Check the video above .

Background Image

Add background via upload or paste an image url to add an image. Change the background image size and position as needed. Use the Blend Mode to blend image with background color or gradient. Learn more background blend mode

Color / Gradient Overlay on Image

Add a color or gradient overlay on image background. Please check the video below.

Section Frames / Dividers / Separators

Add section divider / separator at the top or bottom of any section. And add section corner shapes. Open the "Section Frame" accordion. And select any pre-designed frame.

Section Width & Height

Set custom width and height for sections.

Use custom width height when absolute necessary. For spacing use margin and padding.

Styles Tab

Common Styles used in styles tab.

Updated on: 13/05/2024

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