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Mailchimp Integration with Webhook via Integromat (Custom Form)

Getting Started

This article will guide you through integrating Mailchimp with a Custom Form element using a webhook via Integromat.

Add a Custom Form

Follow the below steps to add a Subscription form:

- Click + Add New Section and select Custom Container.
- Click on the + button labelled with Add Element or Container.
- Then select Custom Form from the Elements tab.

Refer to the GIF below:

For more details, refer to the below documentation:

📌 Custom Form

Create a webhook scenario with Integromat

Sign up for a Make account. From the dashboard, click the Create a New Scenario button to start a new scenario.

Add a new module, then do the following: select Webhooks, create a webhook that triggers when it receives data, add a new webhook, set the maximum number of results, copy the webhook URL, and run the module.

Go to your builder, then do the following: click Edit Element, select Integromat as the service, enter the webhook URL, and publish your site to send test data.

Connect Mailchimp

Now add a new module in your Make scenario and do the following:

- Add a new module and select MailChimp.
- Choose the Add/Update a Subscriber option.
- Add a new connection (add your MailChimp account).
- Select the List ID.
- Select the List Fields (First Name, Last Name, etc.) properly.
- Add the email address from the data.
- Click the OK button and run once.

Go to your builder, click the publish button, and check if everything is working correctly.

See the visual representation of these steps in the video below:

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Updated on: 02/07/2024

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