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Horizontal Line

Getting Started

You can add the Horizontal Line element to your website for various purposes. This article will cover how you can add this element to your website and follow the given instructions accordingly.

Adding the Horizontal Line element

To add a Horizontal Line to your website, follow the steps below.

- Click on + Add Element or Containers in an empty Container
- From the Elements option, select the Horizontal Line element

Refer to the GIF below:

Horizontal Line Element

Horizontal Line element in site dashboard

Editing the Horizontal Line Element

Follow the steps and instructions below to add and edit the Horizontal Line element on your site.

The Horizontal Line element editor has the following options:

- Line Width and Height
- Line Background

The Horizontal Line element editor**:**

Line Width and Height

This option lets you customize your horizontal line with settings like changing the width, height, and alignment of the horizontal line

Line Background

This option allows you to change the color of your horizontal line. You can choose a solid color or apply a gradient to the line background.

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Updated on: 05/06/2024

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