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Ecwid Integration (E-Commerce)

Getting Started

You can integrate Ecwid with your Dorik site to launch your online store. This article provides simple steps to get started with Ecwid.

Online Store Integration with Ecwid

To integrate your Ecwid online store into your Dorik site, please follow these steps:

- Log in to your Ecwid dashboard or sign up if you're new.
- Create your product catalog in Ecwid if you haven't already.
- Click on the Choose Where to Sell button on the dashboard.
- Select "Custom Website" and click Learn More.
- Follow Step 1 of the setup guide to copy the integration code.
- Navigate to the specific page on your Dorik site where you want to showcase your online store.
- Add a Custom Code element to the page.
- Paste the integration code into the HTML field.
- Publish your Dorik site to apply the integration.
- Return to your Ecwid dashboard, select Sales Channel, and go to "Store location."
- Click on the Specify Address button.
- Set your Dorik site's link as the store's web address and save the settings.

Refer to the screenshot and GIF below:

First, log in to your Ecwid dashboard or sign up. If you don’t have a Product Catalog yet, create one now.

Then, from the Dashboard, click the Choose Where to Sell button.

Scroll down to “Custom Website” and click on the Learn More button.

Now, from the setup guide, go to Step 1 and click on the Copy Code to Clipboard button to get the integration code.

After that, head over to your Dorik site and the specific page where you want to display your Online Store. Add a Custom Code element there and paste the integration code into the HTML field. Then, simply publish the site.

Next, return to your Ecwid dashboard's Sales Channel section. Scroll down to the “Store location” option and click on Specify Address.

Now, on the “Store’s web address,” set your Dorik site link and save it.

Finally, visit your live site and see your online store in action.

Updated on: 15/02/2024

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