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Columns are resizable element holders that sits inside a row to design any layout without breaking the layout. Multiple columns can be added inside a row in multiple lines. Columns comes with a new section automatically.

How to Add New Section with Row and Columns

Open the editing modal of the column by clicking the select any of the available column width.

Edit Column

Column Resize / Width Change

Column Content Vertical and Horizontal Alignment

Open the "Content Alignment" accordion. Align content vertically and horizontally.

Content Alignment

Setting vertical alignment "Top" , "Center" and "Bottom" will move inline buttons in multiple lines.

Column background

Add color, gradient or image background in Columns. The background option works like other component's background.
Learn more about ###### How to add / use background

Styles Tab

Common Styles used in styles tab. Control the settings in styles tab from common styles.

Margin & Padding (Spacing)


Border Radius (Rounded Corner)

Box Shadow


Updated on: 13/05/2024

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