Title / Heading

Heading / Title element to add large heading / title in the site. Heading / Title can be set as H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6. To add heading / title,
Learn How to Add New Element →

Open the editing modal of the Heading / Title by clicking


In general tab, Edit the text, font size, alignment, backgrounds, etc.

To change font-family, Go to "Global Styles" -> "Heading Typography"

Text Settings / Edit Text
Edit text and select the applicable heading tag.

Dynamic Text (Typing Text)
To add dynamic text alongside with your Title/Heading, turn on dynamic text you will find some option for dynamic text.

Dynamic Text

Title Styles
In title style, make various changes to the title and heading.

Text Alignment
Text Color
Font Size
Spacing & Line Height
Text Transform
Text Underline / Overline / Strike-thorough
Text Shadow

See the video above for live working example.

Title Background
Add color and gradient background to title / heading element. You can add background color and gradient →


Styles Tab
Common Styles used in styles tab. Control the settings in styles tab.
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