MailChimp Integration (Subscription Form)

Step by Step guide about how to configure MailChimp on Dorik

Connect Subscription Form element to MailChimp Form

Step 1:

Login into your MailChimp account. You will find "Audience" on the left navigation bar. Go to "Audience" page.


Step 2:

In Audience page, You will find your lists. Click on the "View Contacts" button of your preferred list (Where you want to save the emails from Dorik Subscription Form).


Step 3:

Inside your audience list, Go to "Signup forms" page.


Step 4:

In "Signup form" page, click on "Embedded forms".


Step 5:

In "Embedded forms" page, You will find "Copy/paste onto your site" box. Copy the form action URL as shown in the below image.


Do not copy whole code. Just copy the URL of action= as highlighted above.

Step 6:

Paste the copied URL in "MailChimp Form Action URL" field in the Subscription Form element.

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