Integromat Integration

Integrate Integromat on Subscription Form or Contact Form

Step 1 :
Create new section

Step 2 :
Add subscription form element on coloumn

Step 3 :
Please signup and login integromat dashboard. Click create a new scenario

Step 4 :
Search webhook and click webhooks

Step 5 :
After create webhook in integromat then go to your website subscription form. Please Select service as integromat and add webhook url

Step 6 :
Please signup and login in airtable. Create a table on airtable dashboard.

Step 7 :
Now need to connect airtable with integromat. Click add another module in integromat and select airtable.

Step 8:
Go to airtable dashboard account and generate API key by clicking generate api key button.

Step 9 :
Please add airtable API key on integromate for integration.

Step 10 :
Select airtable table name and select your table fields.

Step 11 :
Now click activate.

You can send data from your website subscription form to airtable through integromat.
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