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Builder Basics

Getting Started

The CMS website builder is a tool that you would use in CMS to customize the user end of your website. Many useful features in the builder let you create the websites you have always wanted. The drag-and-drop features, website elements, integrations, etc., are all powerful tools in the website builder.

Builder Basics

When you click on Design and Pages on your CMS dashboard, you will be redirected to your site builder, where the screen will look like this ⬇️

Current Page, Page Settings, Page View

1️⃣ Current Page: This shows the current page you are editing.

2️⃣ Page Settings: Change your page settings here.

3️⃣ Device Responsive: Using this feature, you can preview and edit what your website will look like on various devices.

Undo-Redo, Preview, Save, Publish, and Visit Site

1️⃣ Undo-Redo and ‘View as’: Undo button lets you revert changes for a small period, while the Redo button lets you change them back. The View as 👁️ button lets you look at your site's appearance for a visitor.

2️⃣ **Save and Publish**: Save lets you save your work, and Publish lets you publish your site.

3️⃣ Visit Site: After making changes and publishing, you can see your site with this button.

To learn more:-

Save, Preview, and Publish

Hamburger Icon in Builder

When you press the Hamburger icon on the top-right corner of your site, you will have the option to Import JSON, read this Documentation or go back to your Dashboard.

Pages, Global Styles, and Site Settings


Global Styles

Site Settings

Video Tutorial

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Updated on: 01/03/2023

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